Our Building Process

BrunoBuilt  works hard to make sure the custom home building process is easy and enjoyable for our clients.
The Akadia (El Paseo)

We take you through the following steps to ensure your new home is what you envision.


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The Process
  1. Client Consultation & Introduction
  2. Design Phase
  3. Bid Phase
  4. Financing Phase
  5. Permit Phase
  6. Construction Phase
  7. Closing

1. Client Consultation & Introduction

During this phase, we get to know more about you, our client. Bring pictures or clippings and anything else you may have to help us understand your vision. Items to be considered:

  • Budget – What can we provide based on your budget? What are your expectations?
  • Site Selection – Where do you want to build your new home? What factors are important to you?
  • Home Amenities – What are the amenities you want to include in your home? We will figure out how much home can fit into your budget.

2. Design Phase

We use a realistic approach in the design process, where design and budget parameters are established before proceeding with architectural plans.  This approach enables owners to design a home that fits their budget as well as their lifestyle and avoids the unpleasant surprises of unrealistic design. Items to be considered:
  • Costs of design – Do you want to work directly with an architect or draftsman of your choice or conduct the design phase through BrunoBuilt?
  • Conceptual Drawings – Using the budget, site criteria and the list of amenities discussed earlier, conceptual drawings are produced and finalized before going into the next phase.

3. Bid Phase

Typically the time to complete a detailed bid ranges from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the project.  Upon completion of the bid, you will receive a competitive price, which will be inclusive of all project costs from excavation to final cleaning.  Instead of receiving a bid and allowance package, clients may elect to build the project on a cost-plus basis. Items to be considered include:

Corrente Bello 1
  • Specifications & Allowances – We will use information gathered thus far to assign fixed or allowance pricing.
  • Fees & Permits – The bid will include the various required government and community permit fees. Other miscellaneous costs will be included and explained.
  • Contract – We will provide you with a Construction Contract which will outline details such as the project square footage, final price, commencement and completion terms and payment terms.

4. Financing Phase
The process of exploring financing options and obtaining a loan is a phase that will often begin even before choosing a builder.  In the case where financing plays a role in dictating budget, it’s important to begin this task early on.  Additionally, if desired, bank fees or closing costs can be included into the contract price. We will cover:
  • Construction Financing – We will discuss options on where and how a construction loan can be obtained.
    Stonebriar 1 – Indoor Gym
  • Draw Process – The monthly draw process  is a sum that is paid based upon the project’s percentage of completion during the course of the previous month. Options of how draw requests are handled will be determined.

5. Permit Phase
The timeline to obtain a building permit is typically 10-14 days.  We handle permit applications, submissions, communications and fee payments. The types of agencies include:
  • Government – City, county and state entities will review the plans and require applications and fees before approval is granted.
  • Community – Most subdivisions require an “Architectural Review” for compliance with the community’s design guidelines.

6. Construction Phase
The timeline to construct a custom home varies depending on the scope of the project, the square footage, the building site and the finishes.  Homes around 3000 square feet can be completed in around 3 ½ to 4 months, while complex 5000+ square foot homes can take 8 to 9 months. During this phase we will address the following:
  • Pre-Construction Conference – clients will review plans in detail and approve the home for construction as drawn.
  • Subcontractors & Suppliers – we select the finest tradesman and quality suppliers to participate in the construction of your custom home.
  • Scheduling – we will provide work schedules including timelines for the client to make key decisions to ensure an on-time completion.
  • Walk-Throughs & Site Meetings – clients will have the opportunity to participate in detailed walk-throughs and may request additional on-site meetings as needed.
  • Selections: Exterior and Interior Design, Finishes and Specifications – to make certain every selection is ordered and installed accurately, clients will review and sign a detailed Selection Worksheet for each area covered during of the selection process.
  • Change Orders – clients may elect to make changes, and we are willing to make changes or modifications at any time during the construction process as long as we are fairly compensated for our efforts.

7. Closing
As the construction schedule draws to an end, we will begin to prepare for closing.
Before this can occur, the City or County Final Building Inspection must take place, along with the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy. During the closing phase you can expect:
  • Final Walk-Through – during the Final Walk-Through the client, along with the builder, will review the completed project and create a list of items requiring touch up or modification that will be completed in a timely fashion.
  • Closing Packet – a homeowner’s guide, much like an owner’s manual for your automobile is provided to the client.
  • Closing & Final Payment – The unpaid balance of the contract price, offset by allowance credits when applicable is determined. A closing appointment with a title company and can be scheduled.
  • Warranty – our homes include a one-year Limited Warranty.