“You build beautiful homes and we are so very happy with ours. Considering the distance build, especially, I think we all “done good,” as my English students used to say!”

-Doug and Sheila O’Neil, Homeowners

 “My sweetie lives in the vicinity of Corrente Bello & the house you recently built there is so nicely done, it almost put the other houses to shame.  Just so many great little touches.  I knew it had to be one of yours, you always get the little things right.”

-Norris Krueger, Ph.D.

 “Robert is an amazing builder.  It was a pleasure and privilege working with him.  Robert is a totally hands on guy and was constantly on the job site making sure there were no mistakes.  If there was a problem Robert was on it immediately and took care of it as soon as possible.
Robert uses all the latest technology and the best quality available.  He combines this with the best price which equals a home with all your personal touches, highest quality, best value and superior service. You can’t beat it.  A BrunoBuilt home is the best in Idaho.”

-Jim and Shirley Dunstan, Homeowners

“I highly recommend Robert Bruno for a quality home, fair price and an extraordinary experience. I had heard many horror stories about build jobs and reluctantly entered the transaction with concern and hesitation. Robert put my fears at ease from the beginning. I just completed a build job of a premium, custom designed home in the foothills of Boise. After careful consideration of numerous builders I selected BrunoBuilt as my builder.
This was the best decision I would make.
His work is impeccable and his passion unmatched. He completed the job on time and on budget—which is the ultimate compliment. Robert was extremely engaged throughout the entire process and could always be reached for input. His communication is fantastic 24/7. His subcontractors are incredible and he has the respect from any worker he employs. Robert shares real time guidance and will make suggestions throughout the process. In fact, his entire team is exceptional! I have nothing but great words for Robert and encourage you to consider his services.”

-Malcolm Simmonds, Homeowner (2-time client)

 “We can’t tell you enough what a pleasure it’s been to work with you. We LOVE our home and thank you for everything you’ve done to make that so.”

Brian & Monica Witt, Homeowners

“Building your “dream home” can be a huge undertaking. Robert Bruno however, made the experience very easy. Robert walked us through the steps of designing the house, the day to day building process, and all the way to the finishing touches. Robert was extremely helpful assisting us with the home building process to ensure that we would be comfortable in our new home. I would not hesitate to recommend and enlist BrunoBuilt Homes in any future projects.”

Melinda Stave, Homeowner

“The home you built is beautiful. Our clients are thrilled to be in their new home.”

Jennifer, Realtor

 “What a great job you’re doing on the house across the street from us in Meridian.  We’ve had many homes being built in our subdivision and we also walk and run through the subdivision behind us and it’s amazing how clean and neat and polite your crews are, and just everything about the process of building the house across the street from us has been perfect.  We just wanted to let you know because we see a lot of situations that are very far from perfect and not pleasant to have in your neighborhood.  We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate that and we will certainly be telling everyone we know about what an amazing company you have.  Thank you very much.”

Darci Beck, Neighbor (Voicemail message)

 “He built us a beautiful home at a very very fair price. He makes sure everything is done right, even the things you don’t see.”

Anonymous Homeowner

“I just want to thank you for all your hard work and input. I totally trust your sense of what works and what doesn’t. You have a real talent and I appreciate everything.”

Paige Jones, Homeowner

“Thank you again and again for your help, you are truly wonderful to work with and I value your vision and recommendations regarding the look and feel of my nearly completed BrunoBuilt home.”

Gary Moe, Homeowner

“I would like to tell you again that I’m so thankful to work for someone who knows how to run their business. Thanks for being great at what you do and being fun too! I really appreciate working for you.”

Jessica Dalton, Realtor

“It is without hesitation that I give Robert Bruno my highest praise as a competent and highly responsible builder.
In 2003 my husband and I decided to build a home in Hidden Springs. Within the community there were approximately 5 builders on the list
for the subdivision.
The developers at Hidden Springs did their due diligence choosing to align with some of the finest builders in the Boise valley as service to the new community. We had a builder in mind that our family had used repeatedly with excellent success, but was not an approved builder in the community. We then began our own research on the approved builders to find a suitable match.
For us, BrunoBuilt Homes quickly stood out from the other builders for a variety of reasons. We toured model homes built by his competition and found that Robert ‘s homes were far superior in finish quality and details as well as layout. We noticed right away that Robert ‘s homes were well thought out, his floor plans were more functional in use, true to the type of architecture, and had special touches added that none of the other builders would consider.
Once we actually met Robert the choice became clear. Robert demonstrated absolute honesty and integrity during our first meeting and this followed through to the end of our build job. Beyond that he was willing to go the extra mile with us as we chose to make certain unconventional changes and use materials that may not have been the easiest to obtain.
During the build job, Robert was in contact often as well as on the job site daily, giving us updates on the project and also updating us on financials. We found our building experience with Robert to be truly outstanding and in fact we contracted with Robert again on another project, nearly 5 years later, that again exceeded our expectations.
Robert is truly a very qualified top notch builder, my husband and I highly recommend him for any new construction residential or commercial build job as well as any remodel.”

Heather Pascua, Homeowner

“Thanks for building us such a great house. Your attention to detail really shows. I hope we have many happy years here. Thanks especially for all the little extras!”

Anonymous Homeowner

“We wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation to you.  Thank you so much for taking on our project and helping to create a beautiful home for us.  We really appreciate all you did on our behalf.  We couldn’t have done it without your willingness to work with us.  Thanks again for making our dreams of living in Hidden Springs a reality.  P.S. Thank you for taking such good care of us after the sale.  That makes us feel so good and we appreciate it greatly!”

Rawdy and Stacy Rollins, Homeowners

 “I want to express how much we appreciate the way that you have treated us throughout the entire scope of the project thus far.  You have done such an excellent job at not only meeting our desires but exceeding them.  Thank you so much!  We look forward to continuing to watch everything unfold.

Steve Underwood, Homeowner

“Thanks for building us such a great house. Your attention to detail really shows. I hope we have many happy years here. Thanks especially for all the little extras!”

Michelle Waddel & Ed Siener, Homeowners
(Thank You Card)

 “We wanted to drop a note of appreciation.  Thank you for all the work you have given us in these difficult economic times.  You have helped to support over 10 families within Walker Painting.  In addition to all of this you have made us better painters than we were before.  Often times in business gratitude is overlooked or forgotten.  We want you to know how grateful we are.”

Walker Painting, Sub Contractor

“I would like to tell you again that I’m so thankful to work for someone who knows how to run their business. Thanks for being great at what you do and being fun too! I really appreciate working for you.”


 “I have worked with Robert Bruno in the past on a few custom builds. In my opinion, he builds a great home, especially custom homes. He started out as a custom builder and later moved into the semi-custom arena when asked to do so out in Hidden Springs. His build quality is very good, and he will not cut corners to “get it done. He can be demanding on his subcontractors to deliver quality work, on time. I’ve spoken with a few, and they’ve indicated to me that it is true but that they still like him. He pays on time, as expected. He doesn’t generally go through a lot of subcontractors, which is also an indication they like him.
I for one think he’s a good guy and a great builder, but I can understand some reservations. Once you get to know him though, you’ll see that he cares about clients a lot. He strives to be innovative, always looking for good design. He’s not stuck in his ways like many builders are. If there’s a new product, or a better way to do something, he’ll look into it. He respects agents that work hard, and don’t hinder the process only for the sake of being able to put their stamp of approval on the build job. The clients I’ve worked with that have used him like him a lot. They appreciate seeing him on the jobsite almost daily to make sure the job is going according to schedule. He doesn’t miss things in the field. He has a sharp eye for detail, and in spite of his “blue collar” look, he has a surprisingly good eye for design and style.
In summary, he’s a well qualified, committed builder that will build your clients a high quality custom home at a reasonable price, and on time. “

Andy Elliot, Homeowner

 “The house is fabulous!  I think it is turning out to be one of the best I have seen anywhere in the valley in that price range.”

Steve Jensen, Prudential Real Estate